instruct your body® : workout mode®
NO steroids, NO masking drugs, NO banned performance enhancing drugs

Synergenics® Workout Mode® will instruct your body® to perform exercise at a higher level of efficiency. With just one ampoule of our innovative formula, you will experience a better, longer workout with little or no fatigue. Whether you are training like a pro or simply trying to get into better shape, Workout Mode® will help you achieve great results.

Synergenics® instruct your body®
One ampoule of Synergenics® Workout Mode® taken before you train will:

    Support Optimal Performance
    Increase Stamina and Endurance
    Reduce or Eliminate Fatigue
    Extend the Length of Your Workouts
    Intensify Your Workouts
    Burn More Fat
    No Stimulants

Workout Mode® works with your body’s natural mechanisms to make exercise easier and enable you to burn more fat.

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